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Bee aggressive

Bee aggressive
Bee aggressive

I love bees, not just because I have never been stung. They are super amazing to simply watch buzz around a garden. They are responsible for flowers and simply life. Lately I keep reading more and more about our environment and how we live with it. It’s terrifying and makes me sorry for my part in all of it. I am trying to make a conscience effort to make sure I am at least in some small part a help. If it’s in a simple bee watering hole, perhaps a bee house. I have been looking at my packaging and how I can make it more responsible without sacrificing quality. And yes, it always costs more.

When don’t we need to BEE aggressive about our consumption and our place in this world? Bees are dying. That’s some scary shit. Shit we can’t fix in a a lab. Mother Nature is what we have to trust in and perhaps answer to all too soon. Every little thing down to every little bee matters. Choose a refillable water bottle, ask for paper bags at the store. Nobody is perfect but every choice, every decision matters.

Bee aggressive.

Bee, Bee aggressive


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I believe

The best hoaxes are the ones we want to be true. Cottingley fairies captured our dreams and let us hope for magic when our reality was gross & ugly. Perhaps it was the war that led us to embrace two young girls playing with a world we wanted to know. If we believe, maybe the fairies will play with us too. It must be true.


We may have questioned but for over 60 years we thought, perhaps. We dreamed, perhaps. fr4

In the 1980’s the girls, now mature women finally admitted that the photos were fake. They stomped out our fairy dreams. Debunking six decades of what we hoped was true. We awaken back to the reality. It was a good run. fe2







Except this last photo. They both maintain– that’s real.  Perhaps they took some photographs that make fairies appear real but they insist they played with fairies. Here are their magical friends in the midst of the fakes. The best place to hide the truth is deep within the lie. It’s safer there.cottin5c

Belief restored. Even though both women have since passed one of their daughters still maintains that the last photo is genuine. Making everyone else think it was all fake so it was theirs all over again.  The secret magic has been restored.

I’ll be the one clapping the loudest til Tinkerbell comes back.

I believe.

Start clapping.



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Hello spring

hello spring

Why hello spring. It’s been awhile. The beginning, it teases us with glimpses. We grumble as the the inevitable snowflakes fall again for what everyone hopes will be the last of the year. Of course, it will snow again. Have we not been fooled by this before? How would we appreciate the tiny splashes of color, little snowdrops pushing their way from the cold earth without the frozen battles of winter? Soon enough we will smell the  sweet breezes of lilacs . Spring makes us work for it.

Only to be followed by us bitching how hot it is and retreating to AC. Damn, we be fickle.

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Best gift ever

Lifetime of Adventures


The best gift ever. Don’t be the  kind of person who only gives things, or even worse the kind of person who only wants things. A lifetime of adventures is the way to truly win a heart forever. Adventures enrich and last much longer than the adventure itself. They inspire and give that fuel to keep going when the monotony threatens to take over.