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Great thing about music is the humanity

Music, the humanity of it all

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The great thing about music is it means so much. So much, but never the same. You can share the same favorite songs but you will never know a song like another person knows the same song. Music reminds me there is humanity. We all need a little extra humanity lately.

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Music, It’s more than just music

It's more than just music

You either get it or you don’t.

Yes, I will spend a bunch of money on a concert. I will spend money, time, energy and do something that perhaps sounds absurd to you. I will stand out in the cold rain, shivering for hours. My fingers so drenched that my phone has deemed my thumbprint as useless as the wet blob it is. Those cheap fluorescent ponchos can only do so much. That is what I do for fun. For the music.

Does that sound insane to you?

Because it’s my favorite.

Maybe you just don’t get it. And that’s ok too.

Maybe you have your own taste in music or you just simply wonder why anyone wouldn’t grow out of this thing that adults are suppose to grow out of. Why can’t listening to the song somewhere comfortably be enough? Do I not like to be comfortable? Perhaps not. Do I likeĀ the sunburn, the long lines, the exhaustion, the pushing crowds, the drunken jerks and then the to and from to a multiple day festival just to do it again the next day? Why can’t I simply be a comfortable human being and listen to the music like an adult?

It’s the music. It’s so much more than just music. I can’t explain it to you so I just won’t even try. I hope you weren’t looking for an answer because I don’t understand how that wouldn’t appeal to somebody.

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Bee aggressive

Bee aggressive
Bee aggressive

I love bees, not just because I have never been stung. They are super amazing to simply watch buzz around a garden. They are responsible for flowers and simply life. Lately I keep reading more and more about our environment and how we live with it. It’s terrifying and makes me sorry for my part in all of it. I am trying to make a conscience effort to make sure I am at least in some small part a help. If it’s in a simple bee watering hole, perhaps a bee house. I have been looking at my packaging and how I can make it more responsible without sacrificing quality. And yes, it always costs more.

When don’t we need to BEE aggressive about our consumption and our place in this world? Bees are dying. That’s some scary shit. Shit we can’t fix in a a lab. Mother Nature is what we have to trust in and perhaps answer to all too soon. Every little thing down to every little bee matters. Choose a refillable water bottle, ask for paper bags at the store. Nobody is perfect but every choice, every decision matters.

Bee aggressive.

Bee, Bee aggressive