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Fashion matters.

I swear fashion isn’t what you think it is. Countless times I’ve heard fashion doesn’t matter to me. So you are telling me you roll out of bed whatever material happens to adhere itself to your body is what you wear? Let’s just cover the naughty bits and get on with our day? Go on, try this. Please. I’ll wait right here. Let me know how this goes. In fact, simply put on someone else jeans, even in your size. Fashion does matter. We ALL choose things because they reflect who we are, what we reflect onto the world and what we are comfortable in. So tell me again, fashion doesn’t matter to you.

Clothes surround your body, protect you from the elements, the world. You choosing the softest t-shirt because you don’t even care. You choose this gray, not that gray this one cause it fits better, lasts longer, feels better. All choices. Your favorite piece of clothing, maybe because it has your favorite band will not always be your favorite. So it’s all about choice? Choices change.

It was never your choice anyways. You are seeing the end product of many choices. These choices can be good, bad, based on people (probably not), based on cost (probably).

Remember a time when everything had 3/4 sleeves? I’m sure the fashion industry just happened to embrace a choice that saves them 5″ every sleeve. Weird.

But what if your choice of gray t-shirt killed somebody? Enslaved somebody?

That’s just not cool. Why would you choose a tee that kills instead of paying more to get a product that doesn’t …um…kill?

Worse yet- Chances are you wouldn’t even know if your clothes did kill. The factory collapse from 2013 withheld the companies they were producing. The companies identified have by garments removed from the collapse.

What if your choice was a positive choice? It can provide a job, a life, a way of life an economy, a healthy economy that uses products that don’t hurt the environment. Products can be designed to be respectful of the environment and actually help the environment and the people who make that product. It’s not about fashion. It’s not about a model on the runway. It’s about a person putting on a shirt every day and living their life with impactful choices

If every person made their choice more informed they could, in fact, have a positive effect on the world by simply buying a Tee.

And if you are a big company, perhaps even the president and perhaps his unofficial first lady. It’d be pretty fucked up if you didn’t support all those things that you say you support.  If you, in fact, supported the opposition of those things in favor of the all mighty dollar. Well, that’d be pretty fucked up.

If being dealt a choice that hurts many, we come to find our voice and our power. So be it. Good out of bad and all that. I truly believe people will begin to see every choice they have in their lives as having implications.

Use every choice you can as a power for the good. Make good choices. Make good fashion choices. It matters

Yes, Fashion matters to you.

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