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Sara P. Boyd is a dauntless fashion designer based in Chicago. She is genuine, sarcastic and a blunt force to be reckoned with.

Sara harbors the values and grit of Rei Kawakubo as well as the classic authenticity and modern lady-like edge that draws people to her. Her entrepreneurial spirit and desire for well-made clothing are inherited from her grandfather, a well-known businessman and her grandmother Phyllis, a seamstress. She believes that a good dress possesses pockets and a lining and that smart women must also be strong, and valiant. Her collections cater to the cultured, brilliant tribe of women who may be a little rough around the edges. The Sara P. Lovejoy customer is intelligent, blunt, honest, and versatile and sees the value in purchasing well-made garments.

Even from an early age, Sara had a passion for design. Her adventure started when she created one-of-a-kind pieces for music festivals and stores and matured while acquired her degree at The School of Art Institute of Chicago. While perfecting her craft, she learned that nothing worth having would ever be handed to her and that she would need gumption to be successful. Working as a fabric store manager put her through college and fueled her designs. Through her dedication she acquired a job as an illustrator which transformed into a job as a graphic designer. She learned that the best lessons often come from the most trying times and that it is the grim experiences and painful predicaments that are the most instructive and defining. She realized who she was, and who she certainly was not and set her eyes on a new goal. She wanted to be a part of something that she could call her own and be proud of. Her new objective was to create her own business based on integrity, authenticity, and art.

Her collections work for industrious women who require comfort, realness and a strong state of mind. Her pieces generate an identity that is both elegant and resilient for today’s modern woman. To create this identity, Sara finds inspiration in the world around her. Sara P. Boyd is nestled perfectly in between the two worlds she loves most, downtown Chicago and the marsh. She, herself, fills many roles including Designer, Illustrator, Fine dining server, Rock music enthusiast and animal lover. When not designing Sara is supporting her dreams at a high end restaurant in Chicago, attending live rock music front row at some of Chicago’s best venues with her boyfriend, or promoting her mother’s nonprofit animal rescue, New Leash
on Life. She hopes that her designs will bring together like-minded individuals and accomplice the wearer on her bold adventures.

by Josie Peipert

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