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Shopping and making with purpose

After black friday don’t forget….Shop small on Saturday!!!

It sometimes makes me ill to think that my desire to make clothes is actually involving myself in such a sick industry. The only job theoretically that I could do more harm to the environment is if I made a job transfer to a nice oil company. That’s insane. Last time I checked I just wanted to make clothes. 

It’s my decision to make clothes that some deem too pricey. Wal-mart sells cheap shirts, why can’t I? Am I really just part of the problem anyways?

All I can promise is my clothes aren’t killing people. Every person, (besides me) is not suffering to make my clothes. Lives are not being cut short to work in unsafe working environment to sew my clothes. Nobody is handling chemicals that will slowly poison them. My clothes had no temporary home on these deplorable factory floors.

Because I made that choice. Don’t get me wrong as an independent designer I could never complete for price. Never. The choice to do the opposite isn’t exactly cheap.

I choose to not choose the cheapest way to make my clothes and not to make cheap clothes. I will not kill people to get a better price. No, really. You will not walk away will a $20 bag of clothes from me. I have no interest in that race.

And It’s not about every purchaser make being perfect and mindful.  It’s about choosing wisely when and often as you can and all of us choosing a world we want to live in.

If you would like to educate yourself more on the subject I highly suggest “The True Cost” currently on Netflix . It’s a great watch to see how fashion and our purchasing choices affect the world we live in.

Shopping and making with purpose

Well damn that was sunny.

On a brighter note–Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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Self Expression isn’t so Eazy

And yes, I can spell easy.

Self expression can be daunting. In the last few weeks many people are finding themselves expressing themselves perhaps far more than even planned, including me. It’s great to live somewhere that we can express ourselves.

I salute those who speak up.

Express yourself



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Picking the Best Fruit


2 Days left on my Kickstarter!!! It’s at 96% of the goal and I am so excited!!! Yesterday Sara P. Lovejoy was featured in my hometown’s newspaper The Post Journal. It was a great story written by Mallory Diefenbach and I was very pleased. The whole page no less! In these last few days of the campaign I am humbled and loving the support. Thanks everyone!!!!


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Wisely, and slow


Move slow. Choose people and quality before quantity. Ponder the creation. Those who count their wins by their arms full of meaningless junk will stumble, unable to catch themselves on the community that they forgot to build. #Slowfashionmovement

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Slowing down for forever


Eww… no. I’m not talking about love. If you want clothing that’s built to be lived in–Do your research, expect to pay more,  expect to fall in love with a beautiful well-made garment that knows how to treat you right. Let’s be more thoughtful about our purchases. Only buy products you’d want to introduce to your Mom.

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Slowing down fast fashion


It’s faster, it must be better. Right?!? Sigh.

We want things faster, delivered to us and frankly we don’t really want to pay a lot either. Coinciding with my Kickstarter campaign I’m focusing on what fast fashion is and why we should support slow fashion. Oh, and maybe why you should support my fashion company.

There are so many reasons to want more clothes. It’s fun to have lots of options; You can try out a new style and if you get it at a great price –What’s to stop you from having an overflowing closet to choose from? When our purchases are made we should ask ourselves what our money is truly buying.

Fast fashion supports-

  • Destruction of the environment by wasteful processes & filling landfills with our cast offs that can’t decompose quickly enough, if ever.
  • Human right violations from trying to produce the quickest, cheapest products.
  • Loss of Quality and ability to even recognize & appreciate quality or originality.
  • Economic implications resulting in job loss, devaluing responsibly-made products & the value of a dollar.

What is fast fashion?

It’s those garments that are sold too cheaply to be believed. They have the latest styles, straight from the runway. Many times, it’s a style very closely resembling a much higher priced product.  They aren’t exactly flattering and something about it seems “off”. Sure, it’s a little flimsy and you are sure it won’t last much beyond the season but if you wear it a few times, it’s a still a worthwhile purchase because IT’S SO CHEAP.

 “If something seems to good to be true, it  probably is.”

Damn it.

If you support fast fashion, you support some awful things. Most likely, you do support fast fashion. Your purchases are your support. Your dollars are your votes to keep the fast fashion machine going. It’s all our fault. We are awful, greedy clothing monsters.

I am not innocent either.


Where is fast fashion?


Check your labels, where are your clothes made? Chances are if a company cares about how their products are made you aren’t going to have to look hard to find that out. They are going to tell you about it.

It IS much easier to find fast fashion than slow fashion.  Try leaving your local mall and big box stores behind. The internet is a great place to find people who care about their products and the people that  make their products. It’s part of living a more genuine life. People should be behind our products and our lives’ not slavery, destruction, and a pile of toxins. We are not perfect, but one purchase made consciously makes a difference. Each responsible purchase moves us closer to how we should purchase & ultimately live. If we tell everyone we know then we are that much closer to understanding that being so removed from the creation of the goods we use is scary and irresponsible.

Support  your local artists!!!