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Fashion matters.

I swear fashion isn’t what you think it is. Countless times I’ve heard fashion doesn’t matter to me. So you are telling me you roll out of bed whatever material happens to adhere itself to your body is what you wear? Let’s just cover the naughty bits and get on with our day? Go on, try this. Please. I’ll wait right here. Let me know how this goes. In fact, simply put on someone else jeans, even in your size. Fashion does matter. We ALL choose things because they reflect who we are, what we reflect onto the world and what we are comfortable in. So tell me again, fashion doesn’t matter to you.

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Never silent


An ironic but a purposeful choice of quote. Yesterday I choose to be silent on social media as my part on International Women’s Day, a sort of, “Be careful what you wish for”. Every woman should be a feminist and want to celebrate women but it’s the not women voices that make a real difference. Stay with me.

It’s the people who are not women that make it all more possible for equality. If protests have taught me anything, it’s when the people who are not being oppressed see the ludicrousness that real change starts to happen. It’s not about being for one sex over another, it’s simply recognizing we are both people and its fucking stupid not to stand up for the rights of another human being.

Every wish I had for the day was exceeded when my brother wished my mother and a Happy International Women’s Day.

Happy belated International Women’s Day, bitches

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Some days I just want to…

make stuff


Ok, this is only partially true. I do wonder if it’s truer than I want it be some days and worry that it may be closer to a curse. Other days I just want to make fun, weird stuff and not worry about selling it. This week is devoted to fun, weird shit–Stay tuned. As an independent designer it gets a little lonely, a lot scary and I wonder what other people do on their days off?

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Haters gonna hate


“People May Hate You For Being Different and Not Living By Society’s Standards,but Deep Down,They Wish They Had The Courage To Do The Same.”

 ― Kevin Hart

 Make choices, don’t let choices make you.

Sometimes I do wish I  just made easier choices  but I don’t and I won’t. I encourage others to go do brave & stupid things. I hope everyone had a great 4th and thought about all the people that allow us choose to do brave & stupid things for ourselves. Cheers.