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In love with the moon:

Happy National Moon Day!
For as long as I can remember I’ve had a love affair with space. More specifically, the moon.
But really, how can you not?
This giant beautiful glowing orb that appears nightly, constantly changing, just hanging in the sky. If you need a daily dose of celestial beauty I completely suggest NASA’s picture of the day through IFTTT. It shares daily on my Facebook. Just appears, like magic.
It’s the perfect daily reminder that we are just a speck in a world of apparent magic, explained by science. I love the little notifications I get throughout the day of people agreeing that science is fucking cool.
I will still continue to take #shittypicturesofthemoon
It's all in the name of science.


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Moms rock

Perhaps I did not have the most “normal” Mom. I don’t really know if a normal mom exists but mine is pretty kick-ass, nonetheless. I can’t imagine having one of those normal moms. It sounds terrible. Thanks mom for never being normal.

Thanks Mom

Thanks Moms for without you, we would all not be here and most of us would be much worse people without one. I’m thankful for the ladies who embrace being a mom and love doing it. I have no interest in the whole affair but I’m glad someone is and loving it. Moms come in all shapes and sizes, biological or not.

Moms- Thank you for all you do, all you’ve done and I look forward to crossing paths with the great people you all made. Cheers.


Moms rock on with your bad selves

Happy Mother’s Day!


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Making the Season Last


In saying this some may have noticed (mostly the people who have worked on the upcoming ‘14 Bookish collection) that there is a delay, a planned delay. Not having the resources of larger companies, not having the staff are all reasons that I decided that my next collection isn’t going to follow the expected seasons. It will be my only 2014 collection. In hopes of making this the collection that I have time to market, enjoy and spend some time with. It’s release has been delayed and the season prolonged.  I am looking forward to not running around like crazy to keep on this calendar that many consumers are completely unaware of. I might be going a little off the beaten path for marketing and trying some less obvious venues. Any insane ideas welcome.

I do want those involved to know that this all may take a little longer than first promised but I am trying to make this better for all of us. Sorry for the delay, but I hope you will see it as all worth it.

Being an independent designer is hard, I don’t wish it on anyone and I question my craziness everyday, many times a day. It’s lonely, it’s exhausting and I have no one to blame but myself. I really, truly must hate me. And I take others down with me. And I can’t imagine doing anything else. It compels and inspires me and I can’t imagine at least trying to do this. Thanks for all the patience & support.

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Confusion confuses the rules

Guest Blog Post- Spl Intern
Brave Little Intern

by: Josie Peipert

The day after our phone conversation on Wednesday, which was awesome as usual by the way, Sara texts me wanting to put off releasing her Fall/Winter collection. My Fashion Marketer’s gut reaction is this: “Sara, what the hell are you smoking? No, no, no!” But of course, I didn’t say that because that is not professional. I simply said that I would have to think about it. Then I actually thought about it because this internship truly does make you question everything you thought you knew. Perhaps that wasn’t such a bad idea. Perhaps maybe it was a good idea? She has a point that she doesn’t necessarily have to follow what everyone else’s schedule is and it would be true to the brand identity to do whatever the hell she wanted but everything inside my marketing brain is screaming “fuck no.” Everything in my creative brain is saying “try it anyways.” On the one hand, no one is anticipating the next collection yet, on the other, why delay? Furthermore, with the Fashion Season Calender as erratic as it already is with the emergence of fast fashion, does it really matter what schedule we follow? So I did what any other intelligent person does when they don’t know the answer to a difficult question and asked people who thought differently than me. I did not come up with a solid answer and I still feelconflicted about this idea. However, I’d still say it was productive. I got people to check out her site and I’ve somewhat made my peace with whatever choice Sara makes. Perhaps this is one of those situations where there isn’t a right or wrong answer. If you’ve got an opinion on this topic, by all means share it in the comments below. Really, ideas and thoughts are completely welcome.

Sara P. Lovejoy chiming in- The best part about all of this is, it is actually a miscommunication. Which is exactly why we decided to keep it. We discussed this and are all clear now but decided  the post illustrates that we are trying to break  and  question all the rules. I have the freedom as an independent designer to make up my own rules and why would I continue to go with the flow. I need to use that as my strength. So on that note– we are looking at maybe doing seasons  differently.  Stay tuned & let us know if you have any thoughts!!!