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Never silent


An ironic but a purposeful choice of quote. Yesterday I choose to be silent on social media as my part on International Women’s Day, a sort of, “Be careful what you wish for”. Every woman should be a feminist and want to celebrate women but it’s the not women voices that make a real difference. Stay with me.

It’s the people who are not women that make it all more possible for equality. If protests have taught me anything, it’s when the people who are not being oppressed see the ludicrousness that real change starts to happen. It’s not about being for one sex over another, it’s simply recognizing we are both people and its fucking stupid not to stand up for the rights of another human being.

Every wish I had for the day was exceeded when my brother wished my mother and a Happy International Women’s Day.

Happy belated International Women’s Day, bitches

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That’s all

The godmother of rock and roll; She made history with a fucking guitar, that’s all

She was born from a time when women where suppose to leave the music and the dark clubs to men. Sister Rosetta Tharpe forged herself a place in history as a black woman who could play louder and better when her race and her gender were suppose to say silent and dumb.

Her inability to remain silent speaks to the idea that the light will always surface, unfettered by the muck weighing them down. The roads that seem impossible, will be filled with others who will not remain silent; The longer we choose that path, the more will see that path as viable. Unacceptance of the status quo comes in many forms. Find yours.

She made history with a fucking guitar, that’s all

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Make others see

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

One of my favorite things is that despite the artist’s intention, every viewer takes their own interpretation to put their own experiences and thoughts on something to come up with their feeling that could very easily have nothing to do with the artist’s intention.

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Vote for the world you want

Make choices. Make decisions. Don’t let your laziness, support your apathy.
Don’t let those choices solely be made by others’ because you feel you mean too little.
And yes, shopping is voting.
Vote for the business practices you want to support.
Personally, I could only ever support a candidate that supports local businesses, manufacturing locally and sourcing locally and above all ETHICALLY

Actions always speak louder than words

Voting for the world you want

Gee, I wonder who that would be…





Madame President —-we’ve come so far
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Come on, pet him you sissy.

Lion watering

This story is so amazing and the photos are all so beautiful. I just adore this visually and what a lovely story.

This entry is dedicated to my mom in honor of her birthday.  She loves and cares for every single animal completely unconditionally. She is the woman who taught me how to embrace the things that may make me seem extra crazy to everyone else. Thanks Mom for making everything more fun from chasing ducks on a frozen lake in a blizzard, to throwing cats in a van, to watching you herd your vulture with a broom so I could look at your fancy chickens. To the woman who has made me find laughter everywhere; You’ve given all my stories more color.

No, Mom do not get a lion.

…And the title- those are her words right before the prairie dog attacked me… True story.

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Ghillie Girl

Guest Blog Post- Spl Intern
Brave Little Intern

by: Josie Peipert

For those who haven’t yet heard, Sara is working on a special piece for an event this weekend. I am super excited to see what she comes up with. When she first told me her inspiration was a ghillie suit I honestly had no clue what a ghillie suit was. For those who also don’t know, a ghillie suit looks like this:




It is used by hunters and snipers and looks like a mix between roughage and Chewbacca. Sexy, right? I love this idea and I feel like it is completely on par with the brand Sara is creating. It is completely unconventional and feels like a perfect progression from her Quiet Warrior collection. In my research I learned that people wear the ghillie suit as a form of camouflage so that the person wearing it can conceal themselves from their predators or prey. Scottish gamekeepers were among the first to employ the idea and the British thought it was so wonderful that they borrowed it to create their first sniper unit in 1916. While I believe this concept will manifest in a different way than her”the quiet warrior” collection,I feel it will retain a similar spirit that is at the heart of the Sara P. Lovejoy brand. The wearer of a ghillie suit would have similar priorities of the warriors Sara was inspired by in her Spring/Summer collection. They would need to have strength, perseverance, as well as a calm reservation and a sharp wit.

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History in color

29 Incredible Colorized Historical Photos. I am obsessed. These are so fantastic & beautiful. What a different context history gets with a little color. I love 3. 9 almost unexpected. Seeing people you know, you love. 18,19, 20. 23 wow 23. Fantastic. 


3. Japanese Archers circa 1860


Colorized by Jordan J. Lloyd (photojacker on Reddit) | Photo Chopshop on Facebook