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Moms rock

Perhaps I did not have the most “normal” Mom. I don’t really know if a normal mom exists but mine is pretty kick-ass, nonetheless. I can’t imagine having one of those normal moms. It sounds terrible. Thanks mom for never being normal.

Thanks Mom

Thanks Moms for without you, we would all not be here and most of us would be much worse people without one. I’m thankful for the ladies who embrace being a mom and love doing it. I have no interest in the whole affair but I’m glad someone is and loving it. Moms come in all shapes and sizes, biological or not.

Moms- Thank you for all you do, all you’ve done and I look forward to crossing paths with the great people you all made. Cheers.


Moms rock on with your bad selves

Happy Mother’s Day!


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Come on, pet him you sissy.

Lion watering

This story is so amazing and the photos are all so beautiful. I just adore this visually and what a lovely story.

This entry is dedicated to my mom in honor of her birthday.  She loves and cares for every single animal completely unconditionally. She is the woman who taught me how to embrace the things that may make me seem extra crazy to everyone else. Thanks Mom for making everything more fun from chasing ducks on a frozen lake in a blizzard, to throwing cats in a van, to watching you herd your vulture with a broom so I could look at your fancy chickens. To the woman who has made me find laughter everywhere; You’ve given all my stories more color.

No, Mom do not get a lion.

…And the title- those are her words right before the prairie dog attacked me… True story.